New songs and demos incoming!

2013-04-29 02:15:13 by Necrotic-Fleshrot

Well, it seems things are getting busy in the studio (see: "bedroom") again. Since I can't seem to sit still and be happy with just one band, I've recently picked up a few new projects as well as revamping a very old one. This means there are some new songs being recorded that should find their way in here soon. There's gonna be a some black metal, some groovy grind-infused metal, some old school thrashy death metal, and even some very 80's influenced metal with some slight prog touches thrown into the mix.

So far there are some unmixed demo tracks here and there that are instrumentals only but given that timelines in independent projects are practically non-existent, I never really know when songs will actually reach album quality completion, so I'll upload anything that still sounds reasonably qualitative and listenable.

In other news, I'm searching for members/collaborators for my take on a symphonic rock/J-rock style project with some shred thrown in. My main concern is finding a FEMALE vocalist capable of singing in more than just English. I really don't care what the second (or even third?) language is. I just want to really add as much variety as possible to the vocals so they are on par with what I'm hoping will be intricate, yet hooky, groovy music. It sounds ambitious as hell but I'm working with an excellent guitarist/keyboardist but we'd really like to find an amazing vocalist to really push us to write some great stuff. Drop me a line if you're interested in contributing or know someone that would be.

Check back during the next few days and check out the new tracks I'll be posting in the meantime for my metal projects and, as always, please leave your love/hate in the comments section. The attention is much appreciated.

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2010-10-09 22:23:31 by Necrotic-Fleshrot

Lyrics for "Obliterated" and "Escape" are now up.


More Songs and Lyrics

2010-10-08 00:40:57 by Necrotic-Fleshrot

So, I forgot to post "The Butcher" and "Skinless Pleasure" yesterday, which means we'll all have to wait for "Escape of the Unborn" to go up on Friday instead...sad...

Well, I managed to find the lyrics for both of today's tunes and I'm tracking down the lyrics for "Escape" and "Obliterated" as we speak. Also, I'm going to go back and add the lyrics to "Grotesque Crucifixion" and "Human Toys" for your reading pleasure.

I'm also planning on uploading the logos and album art for both CD's when I get a chance. Please listen to the tunes and keep commenting! You guys are what keep us under-appreciated and un-paid underground metal musicians going!

More Songs and Lyrics

So we finally got around to finding the tracks from our 2004 EP, "Escape of the Unborn". I think I had promised ages ago that I would be posting this album in it's entirety back when I poster the first three teaser tracks from our new album "Embellished Murders" due out in 2011.

These tracks are old and were written and recorded between 2003 and 2004 when we were just 19 at the time and had only been playing our instruments for a good three or four years. As such, it's not the tightest album; there are a few timing mistakes in some of the songs that were kept in since we didn't have the time, money, or skill to fix them properly. The sound quality is also a bit lacking since we recorded in a friend's basement studio. After all is said and done, though, it's not a bad slab of amature gore-metal.

Please enjoy and comment and check out the newer tracks if you haven't already.

Posting the 2004 EP, FINALLY!

Tunes Tunes Tunes!

2008-11-07 00:50:24 by Necrotic-Fleshrot

Posted 3 sick, twisted, and goresoaked tunes by my band, Sepulcro, from our upcoming "Embellished Murders" CD.

Fans of death metal/goregrind should check it out! Keep it brutal!
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