More Songs and Lyrics

2010-10-08 00:40:57 by Necrotic-Fleshrot

So, I forgot to post "The Butcher" and "Skinless Pleasure" yesterday, which means we'll all have to wait for "Escape of the Unborn" to go up on Friday instead...sad...

Well, I managed to find the lyrics for both of today's tunes and I'm tracking down the lyrics for "Escape" and "Obliterated" as we speak. Also, I'm going to go back and add the lyrics to "Grotesque Crucifixion" and "Human Toys" for your reading pleasure.

I'm also planning on uploading the logos and album art for both CD's when I get a chance. Please listen to the tunes and keep commenting! You guys are what keep us under-appreciated and un-paid underground metal musicians going!

More Songs and Lyrics


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